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Please check the box next to the products you would like to order from Coast to Coast Radio Networks. An email with your user name and password will be sent to you within 24 hours.You will receive an email reminder that your new shows are ready to download.  You can either click on the email link or go directly to to access your programs.

By signing up for our programs, your radio station agrees to air (M-F 6am-8pm) one (1) commercial minute per day, a total of five (5) minutes per week, of Coast to Coast Radio national commercials. If the commercial is embedded in the feature, your radio station is only required to air the feature once per day (M-F 6am-8pm). You may then edit out our commercials and run the features with your own local commercials. If the commercials are not embedded in the feature, your traffic department will receive weekly emails with links to our commercials and traffic instructions.

At the end of each broadcast month, your station is required to provide Coast to Coast Radio Networks with an affidavit as proof of performance. You can either 1) mail or fax your own affidavit; 2) fill out our affidavit online at; 3) or we can send you a monthly affidavit, which you can either mail or fax back to us.

Your radio station and/or Coast to Coast Radio Networks have the option to cancel any or all programs, at any time, with the proper 30-day written notice.

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